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Catherin's Lady Sadie Gender
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Taulman's Tri Shooter x Rhodes Unchained Melody  Owner Catherin Blankenship
 BackgroundSadie is a tri-colored female born in 2010 and living on her farm in Arkansas.  She was evaluated at approximately 2 1/2 years of age.  Sadie works with poultry on a regular basis by gathering and putting them up.  She even reminds her owner when it is time to put the chickens away.  On rare occasions, she has worked with cattle.  When asked, she has easily put a steer in the pen.  She works with a totally different approach with cattle than she does with the poultry. The owner wishes there was more need for her to work the cattle because she really gets excited when she has the opportunity.  Sadie is eager to please and ready to work.  She is always eager to learn new things.  She is very protective of her home and family and a fantastic guard dog.  
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive - Works livestock readily

Herding Style - Gathering (Naturally attempts to head/off move to handler)

Biddability-responsiveness - Somewhat responsive to guidance

Bark - Barks for stubborn stock

Orientation - Livestock second to owner

Territoriality - Respects boundaries, stays home

Patrol - Patrols her territory

Warning - Barks to warn of unusual situations

Defense of Property - Diligently protects owner's property

Tracking Ability - Does not track

Pest Control - Shows moderate interest in pest control 

Attitude towards newborn stock - gently protective nature 

 Summary of Structure
Sadie is average in size with a long tail.  Her movement is smooth and effortless with very fast speed and excellent agility-ability to maneuver.  Her jumping ability is average.  She has a low maintenance coat that doesn't mat easily and a level bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Sadie is confident around unfamiliar adults.  She is devoted, watchful, and affectionate toward her human family.  Her disposition is very calm and steady.


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