Dog's Name
Dryfuss  Gender
 Pedigree link

Sire:  Sandlin's Jake

Dam:  Sandlin's Ruby 

  Owner Jerry L. Cox
 BackgroundDryfuss is an intact male born in May, 2014.  He lives with his owner in Indiana.  Dryfuss is unfamiliar with most livestock, but has worked with ducks and other poultry.  His owner says that Dryfuss is easily trained.  He likes his size, disposition and the fact that he is a friendly dog.  His owner wishes he had a curlier coat. 
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Uninterested in working livestock at this time.

Herding Style:  Not known at this time.

Power:  Livestock generally respect dog.

Stock Ethic:  Dog maintains control appropriately, without causing undue stress in livestock.

Work Ethic:  Stays with the job, maintains focus.

Responsiveness, Biddability:  Very responsive to guidance, control.

Approach:  Moderately wide.

Eye:  Loose, (generally upright posture, free-moving style, less intense focus)

Bark:  Works silently.

Bite:  Never.

Appropriateness:  Reluctant to bite.

Intensity On Stock:  Unable to evaluate.

Orientation:  Livestock second to owner.

Territoriality:  Respects boundaries, stays home.

Patrol:  Constantly patrols property.

Warning:  Always barks to warn of unusual situations.

Defense of Property:  Does not attach a lot of importance to owner's property.

Defense Of People:  Is laid back.

Tracking Ability:  Doesn't track often.

Predators:  Does not usually react to predators.

Attitude Towards Newborn Livestock:  Neutral in behavior.

Pest Control:  Shows little interest in pest control. 

 Summary of Structure
Dryfuss has an average build with a long tail.  His movement is average with moderately fast speed.  His ability to maneuver is average with average jumping ability.  Dryfuss has a low maintenance coat and has a level bite.  
 Summary of Temperament
Dryfuss is confident around unfamiliar (non-threatening) adults.  He is friendly and sociable.  He is devoted, watchful, and affectionate towards his family.   His disposition is very calm, steady, and mild.


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