Dog's Name
Orchard Hill's Fae  Gender
 Pedigree link

Sire:  Ring of Shepherd's Way

Dam: Hagle's Ring 

  Owner Kris Hazelbaker

Fae is an intact female born in April, 2015.  She lives with her owner on a farm in Idaho.  Her experience is livestock consists of a half day workshop at the age of 5 months, a three-day clinic at one year, and a two-day clinic at the age of two.  She has occasional exposure to cattle at home, but no work other than moving them away from a fence.  She has worked with sheep that were very "dog broke" and with goats that presented some challenge.  Fae's owner thinks she epitomizes what a good English Shepherd should be.  She is her shadow, is willing and eager to help with stock work.  She is powerful, but not pushy.  She has a beautiful structure and all her health tests (hips, eyes, DM, MDR1) are good/normal.  She is loving and biddable.  

Fae is resilient so that she doesn't stay scared of anything that is initially alarming.  She goes to check out loud noises like gun shots and thunder.  She is playful, loves to learn, and knows several tricks.  Her owner really likes her working style -- beyond upright and loose-eyed, she works moderately wide, takes control of hr stock, and shows good sense of understanding on how to calmly control the stock.

The one thing her owner would like to improve is her barking.  She barks too much when she gets excited (playing with other dogs).  She doesn't bark when working. 

 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock readily when needed

Herding Style:  Gathering (naturally attempts to head off/circle stock, move it to handler)

Power:  Livestock are intensely aware of and respect dog at all times

Stock Ethic:  Dog maintains control appropriately, without causing undue stress in livestock

Work Ethic:  Somewhat distracted while working -- very minor -- mostly maintains focus

Responsiveness,Biddability:  She is somewhere between being very responsive to somewhat responsive to guidance and control.  Her owner says Fae very much want to work with her, but occasionally doesn't understand what is being asked and tries something different.

Approach:  Moderately wide, not pushy at all

Eye:  Loose (generally upright posture, free-moving style, less intense focus)

Bark:  Works silently

Bite:  Unable to evaluate (biting inappropriate for stock used)

Orientation:  Usually livestock second to owner

Territoriality:  Respects boundaries, stays home

Patrol:  Patrols territory

Warning:  Barks to warn of unusual situations

Defense of Property:  Does not attach a lot of importance to owner's property

Defense of People:  Protects owner, "watches your back"

Tracking Ability:  Does not tend to track

Predators:  Will always drive off predators

Attitude Towards Newborn Livestock:  Unable to evaluate

Pest Control:  Routinely hunts rodents

 Summary of Structure
Fae is of average build with a long tail.  She has average speed with smooth, effortless movement.  She is moderately fast with average agility and jumping ability.  Her coat is low maintenance and good quality.  She has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Fae is fairly confident towards (non-threatening) adults.  She is friendly, sociable and mild.  She is very devoted, watchful, and affectionate towards her family members. She has an active activity level.  Fae's disposition is calm, steady and moderately soft.


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