Dog's NameTippy Gender
 Pedigree link

Sire:  Graber's Rover

Dam:  Albright's Dakota

  Owner Leon & Regina Albright

Tippy is an intact female living with her family on a farm in Indiana.  She works with dairy cattle, horses and mules.  Her owners like that she's very obedient, a good watch dog (but not aggressive) and good with children.

 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock continuously if not supervised or kenneled.

Herding Style:  No preference

Power:  Livestock generally respect dog 

Stock Ethic:  Dog maintains control appropriately, without causing undue stress in livestock

Work Ethic:  Will work independently if necessary (return escaped animals to pasture or pen)

Responsiveness, biddability:  Somewhat responsive to guidance, control

Approach:  Close 

Eye:  Strong (very intense stare, lowered/stalking posture, pauses in approach)

Bark:  Works silentlyBite:  Sometimes will bite the nose with a soft bite when needed

Bite Intensity on Stock:  Soft bite 

Orientation:  Primarily interested in livestock

Territoriality:  Respects boundaries, stays home

Patrol:  Does not patrol territory

Warning:  Always barks to warn of unusual situations

Defense of Property:  Doesn't attach a lot of importance to owner's property

Defense of People:  Slightly laidback

Tracking Ability:  Does not track

Predators:  Will always drive off predators

Attitude Towards Newborn Livestock:  Shows a gentle, protective nature

Pest Control:  Shows little interest in pest control


 Summary of Structure
Tippy is of average build with a long tail.  She has average movement with moderately fast speed.  Tippy has average agility and jumping ability.  Her coat is low maintenance coat and  she has a level bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Around unfamiliar (non-threatening) adults, Tippy is confident, friendly, sociable, and most generally mild.  She is devoted, watchful, and affectionate towards her family.  She has a very calm disposition.


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