Dog's NameRodeo Man aka Ledoux GenderMale
 Pedigree link

Sire:  PR Winter Shepherd's Cowboy

Dam:  Mistletoe Noelle

  Owner Cindy Hollowell

Ledoux is an intact male living with his  family on a farm.  He works with cattle and horses.  His owner likes that he shows fierce loyalty to her but would like to improve his temperament.

 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Uninterested in working livestock

Herding Style:  No preference

Power:  Dog can't move challenging or stubborn stock

Stock Ethic:  Fails to control livestock

Responsiveness, biddability:  Ignores guidance

Approach:  Wide

Eye:  Loose (upright posture, less intense focus)

Bark:  Works silently

Bite:  Never

Orientation:  Livestock second to owner

Territoriality:  Frequently wanders off property

Patrol:  Does not patrol territory

Warning:  Always barks to warn of unusual situations

Defense of Property:  Doesn't attach importance to owner's property

Tracking Ability:  Does not track

Attitude Towards Newborn Livestock:  Neutral

Pest Control:  No interest


 Summary of Structure
Ledoux has a light, leggy build with a long tail.  His movement is smooth and effortless with very fast speed.  He has excellent agility with gravity defying jumping ability.  His coat is thin (inadequate in cold weather) and he has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Around unfamiliar (non-threatening) adults, Ledoux is fearful, , aloof and aggressive. He is devoted, watchful, and affectionate towards his family.  His activity level is low.  Ledoux's disposition is very nervous, impulsive, and hard.  He has no herding instinct/very aggressive.


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