Dog's Name
 Beebe's Wingo Vegas
 Pedigree link
 UKC Owned By
 Annie Wingo
 BackgroundVegas is a sable/white intact male, born July 2008 and evaluated at 2 1/2 years of age. He lives on a cattle ranch, with daily exposure to horses and cattle. Vegas' responsibilities have grown over the past year and a half to include penning cattle and watching gates several times each week as his owner work with roping steers.

Vegas is his owner's shadow, always accompanying her at feeding time and automatically taking responsibility for watching gates to keep the horses in. When they are roping cattle, he stays in the pen but not in the way. He knows to put up the steer and keep it in the pen as soon as the rope is removed.

Vegas is very sensitive to correction, and may feel he's in trouble if called with a loud voice. He does not travel off the ranch often, so when he does get out to new places he tends to get very excited about seeing other dogs
 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily when needed
Style -- driving
Power -- livestock generally respect Vegas

Stock Ethic -- appropriate use of force, sometimes fails to take responsibility for controlling livetock
Work Ethic -- somewhat distractible, may lose focus if called

Biddability -- very responsive to guidance and control
Approach -- adjusts as needed
"Eye" -- medium - upright and free-moving but with intense concentration
Bark -- force barks
Bite -- willing to bite if needed, directed at tails; soft bite

Orientation -- primarily oriented towards livestock though always responsive to owner
Territoriality -- respects boundaries, stays at home
Patrol -- regularly patrols territory
Warning --will bark to warn of unusual situations, but not overly vigilant
Defense of property -- does not guard property
Defense of people -- laidback, does not guard people
Tracking ability -- good tracking ability
Predators -- will always drive off predators
Attitude towards newborns -- shows moderately gentle and/or protective nature
Pest control -- routinely hunts rodents

 Summary of Structure
Vegas has a broad, stocky build with a long tail and a level bite. He is an efficient but not flashy mover, with excellent speed and agility, and exceptional jumping ability. His coat is heavy but does not require constant maintenance.
 Summary of Temperament
Vegas is confident, friendly and mild mannered with visitors. He is extremely devoted and affectionate with family. Although very responsive, he is not a "busy" dog. He has a calm, steady, soft disposition.

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