Dog's Name
 Blackrock's Z-Best Sunshine
 Pedigree link
 ESCR/UKC Owned By
 Laurie Contrell
 BackgroundSunny is a clear sable and white, intact female, born February 2009 and evaluated at one year of age. Her primary exposure to livestock has been at home, with her owner's sheep (flighty) and poultry. She also lives with cats and rabbits, to round out her experience! Sunny is not allowed unsupervised access to sheep yet, but she has learned to respect rules and tries to help.

Sunny has a nice natural gather and good balance. She gets along with everyone and has a sweet fun personality. She is very smart and wants to please, though she also has an independent streak -- so while she'll look to her owner for direction, the look may be accompanied by a cheeky grin!

At one year of age, Sunny does not show a great deal of "nurturing" instinct; she's a go-to girl and ready to help, but not always gently!

 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily when needed
Style -- natural gathering dog
Power -- livestock are intensely aware of and respect Sunny

Stock Ethic -- maintains control appropriately without causing undue stress
Work Ethic -- stays with the job, maintains focus

Biddability -- very responsive to guidance and control
Approach -- nice natural width, good sense of balance; adjusts position as needed
"Eye" -- loose, upright and free-moving
Bark -- generally works silently
Bite -- unable to fully evaluate due to her age and the livestock worked; time will tell!

Orientation -- livestock come second to her owner though Sunny is very aware of stock
Territoriality -- respects boundaries, stays at home
Patrol -- patrols occasionally
Warning -- generally barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- minimal (though she will alert bark)
Defense of people -- minimal
Tracking ability -- will track by scent and find prey
Predators -- alert barks to their presence
Attitude towards newborns -- fairly intense prey-drive so small animals are a bit too interesting...
Pest control -- routinely hunts rodents

 Summary of Structure
Sunny has an average build with a long tail and correct scissors bite. Her movement is smooth and effortless and she is exceptionally agile. Sunny is fast and has average jumping ability. Her coat is quite heavy, particularly her "skirts"; while generally low maintenance, she occasionally develops tangles behind her ears.
 Summary of Temperament
Sunny is confident and friendly with visitors. Though family-oriented and affectionate, she is not clingy, and is willing to head off and do her own thing. Sunny is calm and steady, takes correction readily; she enjoys being busy but will relax when there is no work to do.

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