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Whippoorwill's Sadie Mae Gender
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Whippoorwill's Johnny Reb x Whippoorwill's Robin Jeane  OwnerJimmy Dennis
 BackgroundSadie is an intact female born in 2009.  She lives with her family on a farm in Kentucky.  Sadie was evaluated at the age of three.  She works with goats, pigs, chickens, cows, and horses.  She is very intelligent and agile.  Her owner wishes she was less independent.  Sadie's agility is amazing.  She will do anything that you ask of her.
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock, but easily discouraged.

Herding Style:  Driving (Keeps stock grouped moving away from handler).

Power:  Livestock intensely aware of dog.

Stock Ethic:  Aggressive or rough asserting control of stock.

Biddability-Responsivess to Owner:  Very responsive to guidance.

Approach:  Close.

Eye:  Loose (upright posture, less intense focus)

Bark:  Works silently.

Bite Frequency:  Sometimes.

Bite Location:  Above the hock.

Bite Appropriateness:  As needed. 

Bite Intensity:  Hard bite.

Orientation:  Livestock second to owner.

Territoriality:  Sometimes wanders off property.

Patrol:  Patrols territory.

Warning:  Doesn't always warn of unusual situations.

Defense of Property:  Protects owners property.

Tracking Ability:  Doesn't track often.

Pest Control:  Routinely hunts rodents.

Attitude towards Newborn Stock:  Gently protective nature. 

 Summary of Structure
Sadie is a light, leggy built dog with a long tail.  She moves effortlessly with fast speed, excellent maneuverability, and exceptional (gravity defying) ability to jump.  Sadie has a low maintenance coat that doesn't mat easily.  She has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Sadie is cautious, but somewhat sociable with unfamiliar adults.  She is very devoted, watchful, and affectionate to her human family.  She has an active lifestyle on the farm.  Her disposition is very calm, steady and hard.


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