Dog's Name
 Flyby's Blazing Star ("Blaze") Gender
 Pedigree link
Cimarron Seventh Sojourn x Jubilee Jewels Texas Contessa Owned By
 Bev Johnson

Blaze is a sable male born in 2008 and evaluated at the age of four.  Blaze lives in British Columbia, Canada.  Due to their lifestyle, he has had limited exposure to livestock.  He has had a little experience with sheep and ducks.  Blaze listens and responds with appropriate pressure.  His owner would like for him to be a bit faster and be more confident with himself in new situations.  He is very methodical and usually puts sheep where wanted.

Blaze has never gripped any livestock.  He would rather shoulder-push them to where he waants them.   He is very watchful and responds very quickly to verbal commands and body language.  He is a true shadow.  

 Summary of Working Traits

Herding drive - Works livestock readily.  

Style - Gathering - Naturally attempts to head/off move to handler.

Power - Livestock generally respects dog.  

Stock Ethic - Controls appropriately without undo stress to stock.  

Responsiveness,biddability - Very responsive to guidance.  

Approach - Moderately wide.

Eye - Loose (upright posture, less intense focus).

Bark - Barks for stubborn stock.

Orientation - Livestock come second to his owner.

Territoriality - Respects boundaries and stays at home.

Patrol - Constantly patrols territory.

Warning - Barks at unusual situations.

Defense of property - Protects his owner's property

Tracking ability - Will track by scent to find prey.

Attitude towards newborns - Gentle protective nature. 

 Summary of Structure
Blaze is of average build.  He has a long tail and movement is average.  He is moderately fast with excellent agility to maneuver quickly and average jumping ability.  He has a low maintenance coat that doesn't mat easily and has a scissors bite.  
 Summary of Temperament
Blaze is fairly confident and friendly.  He is very devoted and affectionate.  Due to life style, he activity level is slightly lower.  His disposition is soft.

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