Dog's Name
 Brandywine's Tuck
 Pedigree link
 ESCR database
 Owned By
 Jan Gribble
 BackgroundTuck is a sable/white intact male, born May 2007 and evaluated at 4 years of age. He has been working livestock on his owner's property since about 8 months of age. His first experience working cattle was moving longhorns belonging to a neighbor off his owner's property; he has since also helped manage calves. Tuck also has helped manage a variety of other livestock, including his owner's Katahdin sheep (flighty), turkeys, and several breeds of goats (some dog broke, some not).

Tuck works with minimal direction and rates his stock well. He anticipates potential problems and usually will take action without having to be told what to do, or how to do the job. He wants to be with his owner and is content just hanging out -- although he is always willing to work when needed!

Tuck's natural talent allowed him to get the job done even while ignoring directions early on, a habit he was allowed to get away with. Now that he's a more experienced worker, the bar has been raised! Initially he wasn't pleased about his owner trying to tell him how to do his job but since he is biddable they are getting past that.
 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily when needed
Style -- driving
Power -- livestock generally respect Tuck

Stock Ethic -- maintains control appropriately, without causing undue stress
Work Ethic -- stays with the job, maintains focus; will work independently as needed

Biddability -- very responsive to guidance and control
Approach -- naturally close, but adjusts as needed
"Eye" -- loose, upright and free-moving
Bark -- force barks (generally quiet but will bark to move stubborn stock)
Bite -- does not bite; Tuck prefers to finesse stubborn stock

Orientation -- livestock come second to his owner
Territoriality -- respects boundaries, stays at home
Patrol -- occasionally patrols territory (less often after his owner got livestock guardian dogs)
Warning --always barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- only mild interest in defending property
Defense of people -- diligently protects owner, "watches her back"
Tracking ability -- n/a
Predators -- will always attempt to drive off predators; coyotes continued to be problem until livestock guardian dogs were added as back-up
Attitude towards newborns -- shows gentle and/or protective nature
Pest control -- did not inherit his dam's enthusiasm for varmit control

 Summary of Structure
Tuck has an average build with a long tail and a level bite. His hips are OFA "excellent", and his movement is smooth and effortless. He is very fast and an exceptional jumper. His coat is of good quality, requiring little maintenance.
 Summary of Temperament
Tuck is confident, friendly, and mild mannered towards strangers. He is very calm and steady, with a moderately soft disposition. While he brings enthusiasm to his work, he is not a particularly busy or active dog when not working.

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