Dog's Name
 Good Shepherd's White Oak Sawyer
 Pedigree link
Wingler's Becca x Shepherd's Rex Blaze Owned By
 Amy Dorsch
 BackgroundSawyer is a black/tan male, born in 2004, evaluated in 2007 (age 3). He lives on a small farm with horses, poultry, goats, sheep and the occasional steer or pigs -- as well as a busy household with children. Sawyers has opportunities to assist with chores most days; the need for herding is seasonal, but livestock management happens year-round.

Sawyer's best quality is his easygoing nature and eagerness to please; he is always at hand, though unobtrusive, watching for an opportunity to help out. He is still developing strength and confidence around stock. His desire to please at times inhibits him (he doesn't want to be wrong), but with experience his confidence is growing.
 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily when needed, but occasionally gets discouraged when he thinks he
                has done wrong
Style -- natural driving dog
Power -- livestock generally respect Sawyer, though goats occasionally challenge him

Stock Ethic -- maintains control without causing undue stress in stock
Work Ethic -- very willing but sometimes requires encouragement; does well in two-dog team

Biddability -- very responsive to guidance, control
Approach -- close on ducks, wider with sheep & larger stock
"Eye" -- loose (upright, free-moving, less intense focus)
Bark -- force barks if needed to move stubborn stock
Bite -- bites if needed, without doing damage, focus on shoulder/neck or above hock

Primary orientation -- livestock come second to his owner
Territoriality -- occasionally wanders
Patrol -- patrols territory
Warning -- barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- fairly mild in defense of property
Defense of people -- watchful and protective, but mild in manner

Tracking ability -- moderate
Predators -- drives off predators, including coyotes, coons and fox
Attitude towards newborns -- appropriately gentle with young animals
Pest control -- hunts rodents.

 Summary of Structure
Sawyer has an average build with somewhat leggy proportions and is an exceptional athlete -- very fast, agile, with gravity defying jumping ability and smooth effortless movement. He has a long tail, correct scissors bite, and good quality - low maintenance coat.
 Summary of Temperament
Sawyer has a friendly confident attitude towards guests. He is devoted and affectionate with family, mild in behavior towards strangers. He is very calm and steady, and takes correction easily.

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