Dog's Name
Goochland's Honey Weiss
 Pedigree link

Sire:  Goochland's Hubba Bubba

Dam:  Goochland Acres Yuna

  Owner  Shel Hazlett-Gooch

Honey is a female, born in 2007.  She lives on a farm in Wisconsin with her family.  Honey is her owner's shadow.  She was a pup from the first litter her owner bred and has always been the "go with" pup.  Because of that closeness, she prefers to work with her owner and accompany her around the farm.  She works with sheep and poultry.  Because she prefers to work so closely, sometimes getting her to do an outrun is difficult.  She will go begrudgingly, but it's not her favorite thing to do.

Honey has matured into a very loyal worker.  She is very "herdy" and loves to help.  She understands basic directions.  She is very biddable, determined, loves to please, is very smart and agile.  At times she does have her own opinion about what we should be doing and how to do it.  She can climb gates, round bales, stands on the roof of her dog house, and jumps four-foot fences.  She moves livestock well.  Honey will go over paddock fences and obstacles to get the job done.

 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock readily

Herding Style:  No preference

Power - Presence:  Livestock generally respects dog

Work Ethic:  Controls appropriately without undo stress to stock

Biddability-Responsiveness:  Somewhat responsive to guidance

Approach-Preferred Distance of Stock:  Adjusts as necessary

Eye:  Loose (upright posture, less intense focus)

Bark:  Barks for stubborn stock

Bite-Frequency:  Seldom

Bite-Location:  Above hock

Bite-Appropriateness:  Reluctantly, when needed

Bite-Intensity:  Soft bite

Orientation:  Livestock second to owner

Territoriality:  Respects boundaries, stays home

Patrol:  Patrols her territory

Warning:  barks to warn of unusual situations

Defense of Property:  Defends owner's property

Tracking Ability:  Will track by scent and find prey

Pest Control:  Routinely hunts rodents

Attitude Towards Newborn Stock:  Gently protective nature

 Summary of Structure

Honey is broad and stocky with a long tail.  She moves smoothly and effortless with a moderately fast speed.  She has excellent maneuverability with gravity defying jumping ability.  Honey has a low maintenance coat that doesn't mat easily.  She has a scissor bite. 

 Summary of Temperament
.Honey is fairly confident but somewhat aloof around unfamiliar adults.  She is devoted, watchful, and affectionate toward her family.  Her disposition is calm but slightly impulsive.


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