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Goochland's Kid Charlemagne (Charlie) Gender
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Goochland's Hubba Bubba x Beebe's Lola of Goochland  OwnerShel Hazlett-Gooch

Charlie is a red tri male born in 2010 and evaluated at two years of age.  He lives on a farm in Wisconsin where he works sheep and chickens.  Charlie is his owner's "shadow".  He is very attentive when in the pasture with stock.  He is quite happy to gather the stock and make sure they are where they are supposed to be.  Charlie wants to please and is eager to do what is needed.  He generally can work very quietly with the stock and gains their trust.  He has learned to be gentle with the lambs and tough with the sheep when needed.  He is also very good at herding the chickens bak to the shed and has even brought eggs to his owner unbroken.  

Charlie has taken over the guardian role.  He has found stray lambs and held them without harming them.  

Charlie loves water and will cool off in the stock tank every chance he gets.  He is a bit aloof with strangers but warms up quickly to those he likes.  He is very much a lady's man.  He loves to get goofy with his toys.  He has stuffed bunnies that he carries around the house and snuggles with on the couch.  

Charlie is young and can be a little head-strong.  That combination can mean that sometimes the ears are shut and the feet are in motion.  He can get a little over-enthusiastic on an outrun.

 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock readily.

Herding Style:  Gathering (Naturally attempts to head/off move to handler). 

Power:  Livestock generally respects dog.

Stock Ethic:  Controls appropriately without undo stress to stock. 

Biddability/responsiveness:  Somewhat responsive to guidance.

Approach:  Adjusts as necessary.

Eye:  Loose (upright posture, less intense focus).

Bark:  Barks for stubborn stock.

Bite-Frequency:  Seldom.

Bite Location:  Above the hock.

Bite Appropriateness:  As needed.

Bite Intensity:  Adjusts as needed.

Orientation:  Livestock second to owner.

Territoriality:  Respects boundaries, stays home.

Patrol:  Patrols territory.

Warning:  Barks to warn of unusual situations.

Defense of Property:  Defends owner's property.

Tracking Ability:  Will track by scent and find prey.

Pest Control:  Routinely hunts rodents.

Attitude Towards Newborn Stock:  Gently protective nature.

 Summary of Structure
Charlie has a broad, stocky build and a long tail.  His movement is smooth and effortless.  Charlie has excellent ability to maneuver with average jumping ability and is very fast.  His coat is low maintenance and doesn't mat easily.  He has a scissorsl bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Charlie is fairly confident, aloof, and mild mannered around unfamiliar adults.  His is devoted, watchful, and affectionate with his human family.  Charlie leans towards the excited/nervous side, but he is fairly steady and has a softer disposition.  


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