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Orchard Hill Steel Magnolia Gender
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Partlow's Buster Brown X Orchard Hill Ember  OwnerKris Hazelbaker
 BackgroundOrchard Hill Steel Magnolia (aka Mags) is an intact, tri-colored female, born in 2011, and was evaluated at the age of 13.5 months of age.  Mags lives with her owner on a farm in Idaho where she has daily exposure to sheep, beef cattle, and free-range chickens.  Mags is a loving companion, has excellent recall, learns obedience and other things very quickly.  She is quite interested in the livestock and will move them around (sheep into the barn, heifers out of the owners way as they make the trip to and from the barn.)  Her owner feels that Mags has a good feel for giving animals their space and seems to want to keep the sheep grouped together.  Also, her owner likes that Mags will work calmly once the job begins and is a VERY athletic (fast, quick, and has springs for legs) dog.  Her owner would like for her to be a little less "over-the-top" in her behavior and to learn not to jump up on people or vehicles.  (She wants to be closer to her people.)  Mags owner, would like to see her have more working drive.  (She is easily distracted and is almost too biddable.)
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock but easily discouraged.

Herding Style:  Has no preference.

Power:  Livestock generally respect dog -- Owner has seen her calmly look a ewe in the eye, walk up toward her until the ewe turns and moves off.

Stock Ethic:  Dog maintains control appropriately, without causing undue stress in livestock (except for the chickens - working on not chasing chickens).  She can get wound up and chase, she can easily lose interest and not control the sheep, but when she gets down to business, she is calm and in control.

Work Ethic:  At this young age, Mags is somewhere in between being somewhat distractible while working or easily discourage, prone to quitting.

Responsiveness/Biddability:  Very responsive to guidance, control -- she respons to a quiet "This way" or "Easy".

Approach:  Moderately wide.

Eye:  Loose (generally upright posture, free-moving style, less intense focus).

Bark:  Works silently.

Bite Frequency:  Sometimes.

Bite Location:  Above hock.

Bite Appropriateness:  Bites as needed.

Bite Intensity:  Adjusts as needed.

Orientation:  Leans towards livestock being second to owner.

Territoriality:  Generally respects boundaries, stays home.

Patrol:  Patrols territory (This has increased as she has matured.  She is learning from the three adult dogs in the household.)

Warning:  Always barks to warn of unusual situations.

Defense of Property:  Does not attach importance to owner's property.

Defense of People:  Mags is leans toward being indifferent, laid back. 

Tracking Ability:  Will track by scent and find prey.

Predators:  Will drive off predators.

Attitude Towards Newborn Livestock:  Shows gentle and/or protective nature.

Pest Control:  Routinely hunts rodents (mice, groundhogs, and ground squirrels)  She also likes to flush game birds, will scent them in the grass and search them out. 

 Summary of Structure
Mags is light and leggy, with a natural bobtail (about 3 in. in length).  She has smooth, effortless movement with very fast speed.  She has excellent ability to maneuver quickly and exceptional (gravity defying) jumping ability.  Mags coat is low maintenance and good quality.  She has a scissors bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Mags is fairly confident, sociable and mild mannered towards unfamiliar adults..  She is devoted, watchful and affectionate to her human family.  Her activity level is active and busy on the farm.  Her disposition is calm, sometimes impulsive and soft.


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