Dog's Name
 Houlanhan's Pipistrelle
 Pedigree link
  Owned By
 Heather Houlahan
 BackgroundPip is a tricolor female, born in 2000, evaluated in 2007 (age 6 years). Her owner lives in town and works as a professional dog trainer as well as canine coordinator for a regional Search and Rescue unit. Pip is a certified, operational SAR dog. Her experience working livestock has been limited to several clinics and occasional work with stock owned by friends. The livestock experiences this evaluation is based on are with sheep and ducks.

Pip has an exceptionally well balanced combination of confidence, assertiveness, and biddability. She shows excellent judgment and is a dog that can be relied on in stressful circumstances. At times she can be ornery with other dogs -- particularly other dogs behaving in an oafish manner; Pip has high standards for behavior.
 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily for her owner; not inclined to work for people unfamiliar to her
Style -- natural driving dog, but showed more gathering instincts as time on stock increased
Power -- livestock are intensely aware of and respect Pip

Stock Ethic -- limited experience, tends to be pushy in controlling sheep but gentle with ducks
Work Ethic -- somewhat distractible, (owner/ handler's "novice" status has much to do with this!)

Biddability -- tries to figure out what owner wants -- this is not always easy!
Approach -- close
"Eye" -- loose
Bark -- force barks as needed to move stubborn stock
Bite -- bites occasionally, generally above hock, but not hard (mostly "flossing")

Territoriality -- generally respects boundaries, stays at home
Patrol -- patrols regularly
Warning -- always barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- staunchly defends owner's property

Tracking ability -- excellent, will track by scent and find prey; certified SAR dog
Predators -- unable to evaluate
Attitude towards newborns -- gentle and protective (noted with kittens and chicks)
Pest control -- routinely hunts rodents

 Summary of Structure
Pip has a light, leggy build and efficient though not spectacular movement. She is exceptionally agile and fast, with excellent jumping ability. Her coat is fairly light but of good quality and easy to care for. She has a long tail and correct scissors bite, though she is missing one premolar.
 Summary of Temperament
Pip is a very social dog with a confident, friendly attitude towards people -- to the point of being occasionally pushy in seeking attention. She is watchful and affectionate with family. She is quiet in the house but active and busy when outside. Her disposition is calm, steady, and self-possessed.

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