Dog's Name
Craig Creek Penny  Gender
 Pedigree link
Montrose's Backer's Acres Strudel x Montrose's Sandy Forest Eleanor Owner   Jean McAulay
 BackgroundPenny is a female born in 2010.  She lives in Maryland and was evaluated at the age of two.  Penny works with sheep that are fairly tame, but sometimes flighty.  She really wants to work and will work to keep stock together on her own initiative.  Penny is her owner's first herding dog.  Her owner would like to improve on keeping Penny's attention and keep her under control when working stock.  
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock readily.

Herding Styple:  Gathering (Naturally attemps to head/off move to handler).

Power:  Livestock intensely aware of dog.

Stock Ethic:  Controls appropriately without undo stress to stock

Biddability-Responsivess to owner:  Somewhat responsive to guidance.

Approach:  Close.

Eye:  Loose (upright posture, less intense focus).

Bark:  Works silently. 

Bite Frequency:  Sometimes.

Bite Location:  Heel.

Bite Appropriateness:  As needed. 

Orientation:  Primarily interested in livestock.

Territoriality:  Generally respects boundaries

Patrol:  Patrols Territory.

Warning:  Usually barks to warn of unusual situations.

Pest Control:  Routinely hunts rodents. 

 Summary of Structure
Penny is of average build with a long tail.  She has average movement with a moderately fast speed.  She has excellent ability to maneuver with average jumping ability.  Her coat is low maintenance and doesn't mat easily.  She has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Penny is confident, interested and friendly around unfamiliar adults.  She is devoted, watchful, and affectionate with her human family.  She has a fairly active lifestyle.  Penny has a calm, steady, and somewhat soft disposition.


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