Dog's Name
 Maple Grove Farm's Rimrock Drover
 Pedigree link
 ESCR database
 Owned By
 Kay Delk-Keziah
 Background   Drover is a tricolor intact male born in October 2009 and evaluated at one year of age. He was born on a cattle ranch and raised on his owner's small farm around horses, sheep, and poultry. Drover has also had some formal training in clinic settings and has passed the herding capability test offered by AHBA.

Drover is an easy dog to work with in many respects -- eager to please, with a steady disposition, natural herding instincts and a desire to work. Despite his age, he is not pushy or rough with stock, he listens well and tries hard to be a good partner. He does not yet have the assertive confidence of a seasoned experienced dog, but his calm demeanor allows him to hear directions. That responsiveness, combined with natural ability, allows him to be a useful chore dog even at his young age.

 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily when needed
Style -- natural gathering dog
Power -- livestock generally respect Drover

Stock Ethic -- maintains control appropriately without causing undue stress
Work Ethic -- stays with the job and maintains focus well for such a young dog, will work independently

Biddability -- very responsive to guidance and control
Approach -- close
"Eye" -- medium
Bark -- works silently
Bite -- seldom used, still developing (somewhat tentative), will hold ducks without harming them

Orientation -- owner comes before livestock
Territoriality -- respects boundaries, stays at home
Patrol -- diligently patrols territory
Warning -- always barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- moderate (still has some of a puppy's deference)
Tracking ability -- strong
Predators -- alerts to and warns off predators (with back up from his owner's other dogs!)
Attitude towards newborns -- shows gentle and/or nurturing behavior
Pest control -- hunts rodents

 Summary of Structure
Drover has a broad, substantial build with a long tail, correct scissors bite and a beautiful head & expression. His movement is efficient; he is very fast with excellent agility and average jumping ability. His coat is of good quality, and requires little maintence.
 Summary of Temperament
Drover is confident and sociable with visitors and presents a mild friendly greeting (not overwhelming or pushy). He is very devoted and affectionate with family. He has an exceptionally calm disposition, steady and responsive to correction.

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