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  OwnerJessi Presley
 BackgroundPyro is a neutered, black and tan male born in 2010.  Pyro was evaluated at the age of two.  He lives on his own farm in Tennessee.  He works with goats and cattle.  His owner likes his versatility and temperament as well as the fact that he is willing to do whatever it takes to please.  Pyro's owner doesn't think there is anything to improve.  She admits that she is the one who needs to do the improving.
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive:  Works livestock readily.

Herding Style:  Driving (Keeps stock grouped moving away from handler).

Power:  Livestock intensely aware of dog.

Stock Ethick:  Aggressive or rough asserting control of stock.

Biddability-Responsiveness to owner:  Resists guidance (argues).

Approach Close.

Eye:  Medium (more intense concentration but upright).

Bark:  Works silently.

Bite Frequency:  Seldom.

Bite Location:  Above hock.

Bite Appropriateness:  Reluctantly - when needed

Bite Intensity:  Soft.

Orientation:  Livestock second to owner.

Territoriality:  Wanders off property. 

Patrol:  Constatly patrols territory.

Warning:  Usually barks to warn of unusual situations.

Defense of Property:  Defends owner's property.

Tracking Ability:  Will track by scent to prey. 

Pest Control:  Seldom hunts rodents.

Attitude towards Newborn Stock:  Shows gentle and protective nature.

 Summary of Structure
Pyro has an average build with a long tail.  He is very fast with average movement, excellent agility and average jumping ability.  His coat is excessive and very heavy.  He has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Pyro is fairly confident, sociable, and mild-mannered around unfamiliar adults.  He is devoted, watchful and affectionate to his human family.  He has an active lifestyle.  Pyro's disposition tends to lean to the calm, steady and soft side.


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