Dog's Name
 Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw
 Pedigree link
 Peaslee's Brighton x It'za Demost Happy Fella Owned By
 Mary Peaslee
 BackgroundRaven is a black and white female, born 2001, evaluated in 2006. She lives in town, in a household with 4 children and 3 other dogs, on property that backs up to forest land (inhabited by coyotes, raccoons, and various other forms of urban wildlife).

Raven's livestock experience has been gained working away from "home", on farms belonging to friends (several mornings a week during some parts of the year), in clinics, and in formal herding trials (where she has earned an advanced level title). She has worked many types of sheep (ranging from stubborn and feisty to extremely reactive), ducks, and cattle. Raven's best quality is her ability to work stock without causing undue stress; she has an exceptional ability to rate her stock and combines kindness with a sense of responsibility.

Raven is a serious dog and can be prone to worry. She is extremely intelligent, with an independent streak; while very biddable, she prefers to know a job and do it "her" way -- which is usually correct.
 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily but may slow down if subjected to inconsistent or unfair "commands"
Style -- natural gathering dog
Power -- livestock sometimes challenge Raven but she remains patient and is able to gain their trust

Stock Ethic -- Raven gently controls her stock; her manner and pace are generally quiet and slow, so                 at times she may appear to be "off contact" as she works
Work Ethic -- will work independently; serious and responsible about her "job"

Biddability -- responsive to guidance as long as it makes sense to her and is fair
Approach -- naturally works close, but reads flight zone very well and maintains appropriate distance
"Eye" -- versatile: generally upright and freemoving, but capable of using "eye" to actively increase                 pressure OR to remove pressure (by looking away)
Bark -- will force bark if necessary
Bite -- will grip either nose or heel if needed

Territoriality -- respects boundaries and stays at home
Patrol -- patrols territory regularly
Warning --barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- protective of owner's property
Tracking ability -- will track by scent and find prey; trees prey
Predators -- no real opportunity to assess... drives off wandering cats or other critters
Attitude towards newborns -- very motherly, gentle and protective of young
Pest control -- no real opportunity to assess, though she will climb trees in pursuit of squirrels (photo)

 Summary of Structure
Raven has a solid, muscular frame and moves with effortless grace. She is agile, capable of explosive speed, and is an excellent jumper. She has a long tail, correct scissors bite and her coat is low maintenance, thick and soft.
 Summary of Temperament
Raven is very devoted to family members; she is initially reserved with unfamiliar adults but warms up quickly. She is focused and thoughtful, calm in disposition, deferential to her master and serious about her responsibilities.

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