Dog's Name
 Shellrock's Tuggie Bear
 Pedigree link
 In ESCR database
 Owned By
 Amanda Rose
 BackgroundTugg is a neutered male born in August 2008 and evaluated at 18 months of age. Though there is no livestock right at home, he has regular exposure to sheep (both heavy and light), calves, poultry and horses on the family farm in Iowa.

Tugg's human family spans several generations, and his responsibilities include acting as "eyes and ears" for his owner's elderly grandmother. Tugg is a dedicated companion; he reads situations well, works hard to please, and proceeds effectively. As he matures, his owner will be working on increasing his independence and confidence to handle things on his own. Some people own "velcro" dogs; Tugg's owner calls him a "duct tape dog" -- he is so firmly bonded to her!

 Summary of Working Traits
Keenness/ Drive -- works readily when needed
Style -- natural gathering dog
Power -- livestock are intensely aware of and respect Tugg

Stock Ethic -- maintains control appropriately without causing undue stress
Work Ethic -- stays with the job, maintains focus

Biddability -- very responsive to guidance and control
Approach -- naturally close but adjusts as needed
"Eye" -- medium (upright and free-moving but with fairly intense focus)
Bark -- generally works silently
Bite -- soft mouth, bites as needed, generally at heels

Orientation -- livestock come second to his owner though Tugg is very aware of stock
Territoriality -- respects boundaries, stays at home
Patrol -- patrols occasionally but not excessively
Warning -- always barks to warn of unusual situations
Defense of property -- defends owner's property
Defense of people -- fairly laidback
Tracking ability -- will track by scent and find people or prey
Predators -- drives off predators
Attitude towards newborns -- shows gentle and/or protective nature
Pest control -- Tugg was trained not to "critter" to avoid getting distracted when tracking for SAR

 Summary of Structure
Tugg has a broad, stocky build with a long tail and correct scissors bite. His movement is smooth and effortless, with exceptional agility and jumping ability and moderate speed. His coat is of good quality, requiring little maintenance.
 Summary of Temperament
Tugg presents a confident, mild demeanor to visitors, who he greets with friendly interest. He is very devoted and affectionate with family. Tugg has a calm disposition, likes to be busy, and is able to handle pressure.

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