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Wilson's Dunrovin Shep II Gender
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Ford's Chesney Buddy X

Ford's Red Bank Ginger

  Owner Savannah Curtis
 BackgroundShep is an intact male born in October, 2009 and lives with his family on a farm.  He is the "watcher" of the family.  His owners will find him sitting in the middle or on the edge of the pasture laying down, just watching the horses as if he is protecting them.  The horses are not frightened or bothered by his presence. Shep doesn't chase them for the pleasure of it.  He has a soft herding technique, heeler, and a soft nip at the tail or hock is all that is necessary to get their attention.  He only chases when needed.    
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive - Works livestock readily

Herding Style - No Preference

Power - Livestock Generally Respects Dog

Work Ethic - Controls Appropriately Without Undo Stress to Stock 

Biddability-Responsiveness - Very Responsive to Guidance

Approach-Preferred Distance Off Stock - Close

Eye - Medium (more intense concentration but upright)

Bark - Barks for Stubborn Stock

Bite-Frequency - Sometimes

Bite-Location - Heel

Bite Appropriateness - As Needed

Bite-Intensity - Adjusts as Needed

Orientation - Leans Primarily to Interest in Livestock 

Territoriality - Generally Respects Boundaries, Stays Home

Patrol - Patrols Territory

Warning - Sometimes Warns of Unusual Situations

Defense of Property - Does not Attach a lot of Importance to Owner's Property

Tracking Ability - Will Track by Scent and Find Prey

Pest Control - Routinely Hunts Rodents

Attitude Towards Newborn Livestock - Neutral in Behavior, but Leans Toward Gentle/Protective Nature

 Summary of Structure
Shep is of average build with a long tail.  His movements are smooth and effortless with very fast speed and excellent agility.  His jumping ability is average.  Shep has a low maintenance coat that doesn't mat easily and has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Shep is cautious and aloof around unfamiliar adults.  He leans to being a little independent and stoic towards his human family.  He has a fairly active lifestyle with a slightly nervous, impulsive/reactive disposition.


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