Dog's Name
Wilson's Green Mountain Joy Gender
 Pedigree link
Wilson's Checkers X Wilson's White Oak Cherry  Owner Jana Wilson
 BackgroundJoy is an intact female born in 2007.  She lives with her family on a farm with horses.  She is not overly pushy and knows her boundaries.  When help is needed with the horses, the dogs are called to help.  Joy is a heeler and only nips when absolutely necessary.  She works focused, but very calm/not demanding.  She calls off easily.  Her owner would like to see Joy gain more confidence around humans and not be quite so submissive.
 Summary of Working Traits

Herding Drive - Works Livestock Readily

Herding Style - No Preference

Power - Livestock Generally Respects Dog

Work Ethic - Controls Appropriately Without Undo Stress to Stock

Biddability - Somewhat Responsive to Guidance

Approach-Preferred Distance Off Stock - Adjusts as Necessary

Eye - Medium (more intense concentration but upright)

Bark - Works Silently

Bite-Frequency - Seldom

Bite-Location - Heel

Bite-Appropriateness - As Needed

Bite-Intensity - Soft Bite

Orientation - Livestock Second to Owner

Territoriality - Respects Boundaries, Stays Home

Patrol - Does Not Regularly Patrol Territory

Warning - Always Barks at Unusual Situations

Defense of Property - Defends Owner's Property

Tracking Ability - Doesn't Track Often

Pest Control - Not Real Interested in Pest Control

Attitude Towards Newborn Stock - Shows Gentle/Protective Nature

 Summary of Structure
Joy is average in size with a long tail.  She has smooth, effortless movement with moderately fast speed.  She has average agility and jumping ability.  Her coat is low maintenance and doesn't mat easily.  She has a scissor bite.
 Summary of Temperament
Joy is fairly confident and sociable to unfamiliar adults.  She devoted, watchful and affectionate to her human family.  She has a low activity level.  Joy has a fairly calm and steady disposition.


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